Hello there! Thank you for taking some time to fill out this form. Please fill it out as completely as possible. This will help me plan for your session and make it extra successful! 

Follow these tips and suggestions for best results. Thank you! 

1.   Gentlemen, please avoid a haircut the same week as your portrait session; if one is necessary then it might be a good idea to ask for it a little longer than the usual.

2.  Get a fresh manicure or remove chipped polish from fingers and toes.

3. Ladies ~ do treat yourself to professional hair and makeup the day of your session. This helps your photos pop and look more finished and "magazine cover" ready. A trend right now is nude lips, but this really does NOT photograph well, as your lips will blend right into the rest of your face and lack interest. Please add color to your lips for a pretty, timeless look.

4. Don't forget to accessorize! Sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, heels, pocket squares, bow ties, anything additional can add texture, interest, and pop to your finished images! 

5.  Don't forget to bring combs, hair accessories, and makeup for any touchups. If the weather is hot, it's good to bring absorbing sheets for your skin.

6.  Choose outfits that flatter your body type, and colors that flatter your skin tone and eyes. Feel free to send me photos of your clothing outfits laid out and paired with shoes/accessories.

7.  Drink plenty of water for clear and vibrant skin.

8.  Avoid prolonged periods of being in the sun before your portrait session. Please do NOT get a spray tan the day of or the day prior as this makes it  very hard to edit your skin while still looking natural.  Red skin is not easy to work with, sunburned and peeling skin is even worse.

9.  Get a good nights sleep the night before your big day!

10.  Please tweeze your eyebrows for the close-ups I will take.

11.  Play Sports? Dance? Have a music hobby? Here's your chance to shine with incorporating those into your portraits.  Bring anything along with you that you think you'd want to see used in your photos.

12. Ladies - Check out my Senior Pinterest Board (in the icons below) for posing and outfit ideas! I'm always pinning some great options to my board. Feel free to try some of the poses in the mirror, and be ready to show them to the camera! Gentlemen - I'm currently working on a board just for you! 

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