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Permission to Rise Coaching
Spiritual Inner Practice Business Coaching

a supportive Inner-Practice

The most successful people to have walked this planet lived by many of these well-known secrets. You'll learn why they're vital to your success and how to sneak them into your day. Your daily inner-practice will create a rich foundation to operate from in life and business. It's how you'll take big leaps, hold onto joy, divinely create, and powerfully lead your business to levels you never thought attainable.

Permission to Rise Business Coaching

through Weekly calls & community

The night of our weekly calls deserve a special place on your calendar. There will be no better place to be than among other creatives experiencing all the same feels: the excitement of a vision, the struggles, the fears, and the ah-ha moments when everything clicks.

  • 12 live video calls
  • An online group to join live or rewatch
  • Workbook with weekly homework prompts
Permission to Rise Coaching

bold & profitable entrepreneurship

We're breaking all the rules: this thing doesn't have to take years to build, and no you shouldn't be sacrificing your best years and health to succeed. Our mission together will be for you to boldly lead your business while preserving your lifestyle. We'll raise your capacity with high-level tasks, emphasis what lights you up, get balanced, get intentional, and release the parts of your business that don't bring you joy! 

Permission to Rise Coaching

soft front
strong back
Wild heart

"this program is made for the wild heart ready to be set free"

i built it wrong

Seven years ago I found myself embarking on what would be a wildly successful wedding photography business. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but what I did have going for me was buckets of ambition and a whole lot of work ethic. I achieved my goals, but I built it all wrong. I found myself burnt-out, overweight, exhausted, uninspired, and saddened by all the time I lost with my kids.

I wasn't living, I was existing. 

It was mountain air that breathed life into the new path my dreams would take. I was laying on the earth and soaking it all in before those majestic mountains were gone and I had to take my hungry heart back to the midwest.  There, I heard these words for the first time "You are a builder." This would later become my "ah-ha" moment.  

Those words set in motion to the business I have today. I guide women to build bold businesses that give them joy and freedom. I'm not holding anything back with this program. It represents the journey I went through to become unapologetic, authentic, and intentional in my business. It will help every women to RISE into her truest-self and embrace her potent magic within. 

Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana


my clients want to

  • follow the beat of her own wild heart

  • fearlessly leap, stretch her faith, and RISE to become her true-self

  • experience life-changing transformation 

  • get clear on her vision and roadmap out an actionable plan

  • stop being mindlessly busy; start building with freedom & joy

  • influence, inspire, and make a significant impact on the world

  • get mindset & business help to exponentially grow

  • and if they're anything like me they might - adventure often, eat good food, drink wine, cuss, laugh loudly, crush on nature, have real conversations, seek truth, & deeply love our hurting world. 

Permission to Rise Coaching

Permission to Rise Coaching
Permission to Rise Coaching

Sara Reddick

We have only had two weeks of video meetings and the way I look at the world and my business has already changed.  For the greater.  I see the magic in my thoughts, feelings and actions. I see what it takes to be a level 10 individual and business owner.  We started with weekly calls, discussing my dreams, visions and what getting there would feel and look like. We talked about how I can serve my clients, how I value myself, my business and how to act fearlessly.  Many AHA moments!  Jennifer asks thought provoking questions for you to dig deep and find the path that is right for you.  Her positive attitude is infectious and the energy and enthusiasm she exudes during our calls is contagious! 

I strongly encourage anyone looking to take the leap to grow your business (you do not have to be a business owner yet) just do it! 

Wedding Planner | Sara Elizabeth Weddings

Are you ready to soulfully rise? Let's do this!

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