It's time to RISE up and STAND out.

One spiritual awakening and healing journey - deep, I realize everything in my life happened for me, not to me. It happened to embolden my message. It happened to pull out all the truest parts of me. It happened so that I could deeply love a hurting world. It happened to keep me real, always. My lowest moments don't define me. They shape me, like wild currents shaping a river's bed. They give me strength. 

Want a glimpse into my messiest moments?

I was raised in a loving, charismatic Christian home and spent much of my early years dedicated to my religion. That faith would later buckle under questioning and give way to discovering a faith pure & untouched by man.

I became pregnant at 17 and my whole world fell out from under me. High school dropout, a paycheck away from poverty, young motherhood, and loneliness - accurately sum up the next few moments of my life. 

Followed by a mentally abusive relationship, one divorce, a heavy dose of depression, and my rock bottom - It was here that I arose to take my first shaky steps into womanhood. 

In my early twenties, I met the man who gave my soul love to heal and wings to fly. I started walking more steadily in my newfound freedom. My creative heart pulled me towards photography. I dropped out of college to open up a full-time photography studio and serve amazing wedding couples near and far. It was my reckoning. It was my way of proving I could make a masterpiece out of my (beautiful) mess. 

During this decade, I unwittingly sacrificed my most precious resource: time, to be what I believed all entrepreneurs must be: busy. For seven years I thought entrepreneurship was one infinite season of striving. I subconsciously neglected myself and everyone around me, seeking worthiness in my accomplishments. In turn, I built something that shackled me instead of freeing me. 

At the height of my wedding business, I realized the shackles. When nearly no one else understood and the odds were stacked against me, I chose to stand in my truth. This successful business I built from the ground up, could not go on. It was then that I gave my dreams permission to evolve and myself permission to RISE. I desired freedom, pursuit of happiness, and to follow a path the river currents of my life had been shaping all along: To embolden female entrepreneurs to create from their heart and build it better. Now here I am, ready to help you build with freedom in your sights, creation from your heart, and joy for the journey.

I'm Jennifer Lee, a Spiritual Business Coach. After all the hiding out, shrinking from my calling, believing the unworthiness, and finally answering the stirrings of my wild heart -  this feels euphoric to say. 

Do you feel the stirring to make your impact and connect to your bigger purpose? To build your life of freedom? To unleash the woman ready to RISE in you? I'm ready to show you how. You are capable of infinitely more and your time to be luminous is now. 

I've created a FREE workbook to guide your first steps towards freedom in entrepreneurship: Be your authentic-self. You are your brand. You'll make your biggest impact when you do the work to be your unapologetic, beautiful-self. Your brand is this alive, intangible thing held only in the minds of your audience. Your brand is what they believe it is; it is the feelings invoked when they think about your brand. Is your brand as bold, vibrant, and glorious as you? Is it attracting all your dreamiest clients? Is it giving you freedom to create and serve from the deepest caverns of your soul? If not, we can fix that. 

Click here to get access to this 25 Page Authentic Branding Guide now. Packed inside, you'll find a quiz on how strong your brand is, lessons, detailed examples, a woman rising affirmation, and journal prompts to unearth your BIGGEST, BOLDEST, most AUTHENTIC brand yet.  

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