My Soulful Coffee Date

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting cozied in the corner of my favorite coffee shop. I came here to work on my first online course I'm launching. I believe this course is life changing. It is everything I needed to get unstuck. It propelled me into the life and business I feel that I was truly created for and I believe it can do that for anyone. But back to my coffee date. . . I asked the Universe for this specific seat at the coffee shop to be open when I arrived. That's rare on a busy Saturday afternoon. It was busy, but it was open. ((smile)) I sit at the back, at the end of a long table I have to myself. I choose the chair next to the wall where I can plug in my laptop for hours of productivity. I've spent hours here in this very spot, always creating something over good conversation with friends, and lukewarm coffee in hand.

Today I sit alone. I'm really good company though, I don't mind. I'm feeling uncertainty over my new launch. What if no one comes? What if this beautiful gift I want to give everyone, is unwrapped by only a few? What if I fail? I hear my heart quote "Failing is not a problem you will face. Failing is how you will get there." (Rich Litvin) I am reminded that everything I go through will make me a more effective leader. I'll be able to help others move through fear when I master moving through my own. Plus, to fail means I am in action. You can never "fail" if you never act. "Those who are excellent at their work have learned to comfortably coexist with failure. The excellent fail more than the mediocre. They begin more. They attempt more. They attack more. Mastory lives atop a mountain of mistakes." (John Maxwell) I savor all of these thoughts for a moment, then without warning, my imagination takes hold and I see my future-self step into the coffee shop. She's so beautiful - the way she carries herself, her smile, her warmth, her open heart. She sees me sitting here in our spot; she smiles. I immediately feel her gratitude. She is thankful for the tears and doubt I experienced, and that I let none of those emotions stop me from leaping. She is thankful I was able to sit in my heaviest feelings and then step out of them into action. She is thankful that while having no life handbook at all, I kept going, even when nothing was clear and nothing looked possible. She is thankful that while everything in the physical world looked quiet, I chose to believe BIG things were happening in the unseen. My imagination drifts and I tell her "see you soon." How ironic that the first course I'm leading is called "Taking the Leap." I will always be a student first -  here I go, watch me leap.

If you are ready to move past your fears and leap into a life or business you love - it seems the Universe has brought you to the exact place you need to be. I'd be very honored to guide you. My 6 week course that I've passionately created for you is opening soon, you can get the info and enroll here: 

Taking the Leap | 6 Week Online Course

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