Cut to My Lifetime Movie . . .

Every morning, as I'm laying in bed and just about to start my day, my eyes are closed, my breath is gentle, and I am in a state of complete peace. You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I'm wide awake. I'm living in a movie of my future. Written, directed, and produced by me; also starring me. For a brief moment every day, I live in this movie.  It's incredibly real to me, so much so the movie has made me cry, laugh, and feel every emotion that (me) the main character is feeling. Everyday is unique; no two days are exactly the same. 

On this morning, I roll over to curl up into Justin's arms and we witness the sunrise peek up over the mountains from our bedroom. We don't have to rush off to the corporate world, we don't have to rush at all. We linger in bed until the sounds of our stomach growls and the kids shuffling about, prod us to rise. Still in pajamas, we slip into the kitchen. It is white and spacious. The untamed sun rays dance about the kitchen this morning, as if they share equal excitement for breakfast time. All three kids are lined up at the kitchen island, giggling about something they don't share. My oldest, Jubilee is here. She stays over on Thursday evenings since she has Friday's off from her college courses. Fridays are her gift to me. I unwrap them with joy every week. I memorize her every word and expression; wanting each moment to last a little longer. We all work in harmony, each one taking a task in the omelette bar, as if we've done this before. This is one of my favorite mornings. . . On other mornings, Justin and I will head off early to catch a hiking trail that will lead us to where the sun first greets the earth. On other mornings, I go directly into my studio space for yoga and mediation. I have a few client appointments that I want to deliver my best energy to. In every movie, I notice a commonality. Every day starts with tender greetings, connecting to nature and to Universal Intelligence. Every night closes with loving exchanges, moody lights, gathering around delicious food, and the mountains echoing our laughter. 

Back to the present. This morning June came into my bedroom. We cuddled and laughed hard. The sun poured in to greet us and touch our day with warmth. We went downstairs and I setup an omelette station for one. I cracked each egg and smiled. I am fully present here. I am fully grateful for this gift of today. I am also equally present and connected to my future. I feel it so vividly that it is no longer an "if," it is unequivocally a "when." My highest-self lives there in the mountains. She lives in abundance. She moves around the earth as if it has no boundaries. She overflows love and light everywhere she goes. She is in total alignment with her true-self. She guides and leads yet she is always a student. She holds the abandoned, feeds the hungry, and sees the lonely. It's as if her eyes have seen the world, and her hands have held it. Everyday I choose to be closer to HER.

Do you have a HER or HIM you crave to be? Do you have a vision so clear that it lights you up from the inside out? Are you moving in the direction of your dreams? Do you feel all the emotions of what it will be like to reach them? I have never been more hurled into my dreams than when I began practicing visualization. You can google it. It's a thing that's most of the successful people you admire, also do. If you want help getting really clear on your vision and purpose, and how to take tangible and transformative action ~ reach out to me here. I'd be extremely honored to be your guide. 

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