Why I closed my photography business . . .

I love the uncertainty of my life, and boy am I lucky that it doesn't drive Justin mad. This is big. Let me catch you up real quick, secrets divulged and all. . .

About 8 years ago, I almost quit photography before I began. Nobody knew who I was, my photos were garbage at the time, and I didn't have a single booked client. Justin (and my heart) said keep going. All logic pointed to waiting, but I'm glad I didn't listen. Instead, I opened my photography studio on Maine Street. Within a few months I had the beginnings of a successful photography business. I booked up with incredible clients and watched my little dream grow from nothing to my everything.

Then my path became uncertain. My heart wasn't completely fulfilled, and something more was calling me. I wrote a journal entry that simply said - "I want my job to be helping people."

5 years ago, my desire to create something new was stirring. I began designing a unique platform for creative professionals to run an organized business, online. It was projected to gross $1,645,000 by the end of the 2nd year. Except, we needed investors. I was in negotiation with a successful company in Portland who wanted to partner with me. The CEO was getting ready to fly us out to give me the floor to present the idea. Then at the last minute, they backed out. I stayed in bed the entire day, soaking my sheets in tears. The next day I picked up a book called “Onward,” and onward my soul went. About a month later I found out we were having June and honestly, I was too tired to start all over again. I wisely chose to focus on being a mother.

This is when my path stayed the same. My heart was less ignited, I started to feel mediocrity set in, and life became a waiting room. I wanted something more, but instead of believing I could have it, I continued waiting.

1 year ago, my many years of focusing on my business ventures instead of myself - compounded. I came across a fitness program that put me on a powerful path of inner and outer wellness. I believed this could give me an outlet to help others, so I became a fitness coach. It re-awakened my desire to build a business around helping others, but I wanted to help on a deeper level.

My path became uncertain again. My first dream was calling more clearly this time. "I want to show people their dreams are possible and that they can create lives they love living."

I have taken a leap into the thing that I've always known I was made to do:  So, here I am in this new role, ready to serve YOU. I'm having conversations daily with people who want more from life. I guide clients through powerful inner transformations so that they can become their highest self and make their impact on the world. I do this through individual coaching sessions and online courses I've created.

Now, here I stand today, much like I stood at the beginning of my photography business. All signs point to wait before I take my next leap. This leap is my biggest yet. It is the business I have wanted my entire life but I never saw a way for it to exist. Now I do. Everything in my logical world is telling me to stop, go back, turn around to safety. But my heart is so brilliantly beating with calm courage, and a huge YES. Go for it. You are meant for this. Every leap I've ever taken has brought into my life more riches than I could ever experience staying comfortable. There is nothing worth experiencing in the waiting room of life. Exit it today, and every day, and start creating a life that lights you up. My coaching supports the entrepreneurial spirit, shows the dreamer how to take action, and helps the hopeless find purpose and courage to shine their light into the world. How will you boldly and creatively serve the world? If you're denying who you truly are and what you're meant to do, then the world is missing out on your light. I would love to guide you into a life and business you really, truly LOVE. There is magic that exists on the inside of you and I want to show you how to find it, that's what I'm in the business of. . .

It's official, my name is Jennifer and I'm a Life and Business Coach. Gosh, I’m overwhelmed with emotion at how good those words feel. I really want this kind of joy for you too. If you're ready to take the leap into your dreams, I'm ready to show you how. I’ve passionately created a 6 week course that can change EVERYTHING for you. Reach out to me! We start 2/18, let's leap together ❤️


Jennifer Lee Life & Business Coaching