Everyday life is calling. It begs slow down. Be really alive today. Breathe in. Breathe out. Inhale love and exhale worry. My most favorite new practice is not buying into busy-ness. I let whatever I can fit into a day, be enough. I practice shifting my attention to whoever needs me in the moment. I allow my schedule to be interrupted by life. Today's accomplishments no longer define my worthiness - I define it and I am always enough.

If you're feeling busy, stressed, and guilty - take a look at everything on your to do list today. Is there anything on there that excites you? What absolutely has to be done today and what can be saved for another day? What can be replaced with something that matters to you? Which tasks have purpose and intention vs. which tasks are just keeping you busy because you feel like you should do them?

You could even write some of these ideas in your planner:
What memories could I create for myself and others? 
Who will I connect with today? 
How will I fill my cup? 
What will I learn about? 
How will I personally grow today?
What could bring me closer to my dreams? 
What will make me feel alive? 
Who could I help today? 
What will I have gratitude for? 

The first few times you let go will be hard. But the more you practice, the sweeter it gets. Because when your story comes to an end, what will matter to you? That you completed every task, or that you took time to dance in the kitchen with your kids and lick brownie spoons? I challenge you to learn to dance in the land where life happens, it's so much sweeter here!

PS, here's a spectacular brownie recipe on the healthier side, to get you started~

Jennifer Lee Life Coaching