My son's walls were looking rather bare, so I decided to sneak some of his favorite toys and make wall art with them. I setup some Start Wars Lego figures in a bright white spot in my office when the room got the best light, and photographed them. Then I made a 16x24 canvas with the photo and surprised him with it. He was so thrilled to see his favorite toys on his wall! I think I will do this again with a different type of toy in black and white; possibly of his beloved snuggle bear which he's cared for since he was just two. : )

You can apply this same idea to anything around your home, and you don't need an expensive camera to do it! Great lighting will work wonders, and even iPhones can print a canvas up to around an 8x10-11x14 with the right exposure and focus. For your kitchen, you could photograph some recipe books, growing herbs, or your favorite cooking tools. For your bathroom, you could photograph your favorite plant, and a bouquet of pretty flowers would be lovely for a bedroom! Use your imagination, and please don't forget to show me your results! 

First you'll see the photo I took of his legos, and then you'll see how it turned out on canvas!

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