Halloween has turned into my second favorite time of year; it's hard to compete with Christmas. But it is my FAVORITE holiday to decorate for! Maybe it's because my home is from the 1920's; it just seems to come alive during the fall and Halloween season. It might also be because it doesn't involve taking down a christmas tree... But whatever the reason, here's how we decorated last year for Halloween. With expecting June soon, my focus has been on nesting lately, so I'm keeping the decor and parties to a minimum! It's really hard for me to do, but we'll be back in full swing next year! : ) 

Halloween is just days away! If you haven't started spooking your house up, here are some simple ways to get you started! 

DIY Framed Halloween Photos
All of the Halloween Graphics can be printed for free HERE from the Graphic Fairy!
I went to the thrift store and found various sized gold frames for my images. Then, I printed them all out at various sizes from 3.x5x5 up to 8x10, according to the frames sizes I had.  

Bats & Mice Halloween Cutouts
Martha Stewart has some wonderful cutouts you can purchase pre-made from your local craft store. She also has great decorating and crafting ideas on her website HERE.

Halloween Table
My table was inspired by THIS IDEA from Craft-O-Maniac. I loved the idea of getting various glass votives and jars and putting creepy crawlers in them. I also found black cheesecloth for my table runner and black candlesticks for some spooky ambiance. 

Dollar Store Run!
Never underestimate your local Dollar Store! Many items came from there including the crows, skeleton garland, hanging bats, rats, cryptic marriage photo, and creepy crawlers. 

Drink Station
Using a frame from the thrift store, I framed black poster board and wrote out silly drink names with a white pen to make the drink menu.  Just add your favorite drinks, some floating eyeballs, goblets, and drink markers, and your drink station is ready for a party!

Snack Station
I put out easy to make snacks and candy in serving pieces I already had on hand. The table is covered in a white cheesecloth and creepy crawlers are placed all over the table for extra fun! I made the tombstone markers with black card stock, chalk, and a white pen. 

Zombie Cake Pop Eyeballs
These were a hit and so delicious! You can get the recipe HERE from Food Network. 

Party Activities
We kept our activities pretty minimal because many of our attendees were adults and we did a lot of chattering! But for the kids, we did have bobbing for apples, pin the spider on the web, mystery bowls, and find the witch. These were vey simple activities that I put together last minute, so you could too! The mystery bowls were filled with things that were gross to touch like cooked spaghetti (intestines) and peeled grapes in water (eyeballs). The feelers are blindfolded and told what they're feeling, and many like to guess what the bowls actually are. For find the witch, we just had a little witch we hid around the house and whoever found her received a prize. 

Get more game ideas HERE from babble.com!

What are you planning for your Halloween bash? I would love to hear! Happy Halloween to you and yours! 

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