Since we've been expecting, it's been on our to-do list to get our guest room finished for family to stay when baby girl arrives. Our baby shower was this weekend, so we kicked it into high gear 7 days before family was coming into stay! Let me tell you, this was one REALLY stressful week, but we're so in love with our results!

It's hard to portray in photos just how scary this room in our basement was before we put a little TLC into it. Painting was brutal because there were so many different surfaces and nooks. On top of that, it took 3 coats of paint to complete. We also finished the floor with two coats of concrete floor paint meant for finishing basement floors. I should say I did little painting, thank you sweet Justin for doing most of the elbow work! ; )

Next came the best part: DECORATING! (woo hoo!)

My vision for the room was black & white city, because the room was small and had an unfinished look. It reminded me of a studio apartment crammed inside of a busy, city building. The specific city I chose was Seattle, because that is Justin & I's favorite city we've visited together. I decided to keep the ceiling the same so that it would maintain the industrial feel.

Instead of removing the cork board wall behind the bed, I covered it with several white panel curtains and strung white twinkle lights behind the panels to create a glowing headboard. This is so inviting when the lights are out, and my favorite part of the room! 

In the cubby next to the bed, I included a power strip for plugging in electronics at bedtime, a lamp, our wifi name and password framed, an extra throw blanket, an alarm clock, and a small empty basket for any bedtime essentials. I also included a mix of firm and soft pillows, and four pillows total so that each guest could have more than one! (who could sleep with just one?!)

I searched online for free clip art of the space needle and found this SPACE NEEDLE from, thank you! I took it into photoshop and inverted it so that I could instead have a white sketch on black background to make more of a statement on my white walls. I printed it as a 12x18 at Staples for $1.99. The frame is from Ikea, so this adds up to a really inexpensive DIY art piece!

I love this combo because not only is it welcoming but it's also functional too. Since our guest room is in the basement, guests can feel free to fill up their pitcher in our kitchen and grab any snacks they'd like, and then use the tray to bring their goodies down to their room. I could also serve "breakfast in bed" for when guests like my mommy are in town ; ).

We've included a TV with a Roku for anyone wanting to watch some Netflix before bed. The canvas above the television is a photo we took of the skyline while in Kerry Park in Seattle. It fit perfectly on this 20x60 wall canvas, and is the statement piece of the room. 

In this area of the room, I included for guests a place to hang clothing, a mirror, a fan, some new magazines, and this shelf shown below is a perfect resting spot for makeup, contacts, a hair brush, or any daily use items. I love us framed in front of the skyline next to a souvenir we brought home, it's nice to share your memories with friends and loved ones. 

I had the most fun with this part of the preparation! I wanted my guests to feel pampered so I added in some little details like luxury towels and Starbucks coffee. The wire basket doubles as a shower caddy for guests to take their items up to the bathroom. On the left is a basket of hot cocoa packets that come in lots of different yummy flavors! We're nearing that cozy time of year, and with the guest room situated in the basement, I thought hot cocoa would be an unexpected treat! Behind the hot cocoa, I included some mint and lavender lotions and four thieves essential oil.  

In the shower caddy, I included 2 thick bath towels and 2 crisp white hand towels. This way guests do not feel they need to ask for towels, and they're sure to get the best of the bunch! I tossed in some of my favorite scents: Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Shampure Conditioner, energizing body wash, and a bar of Jasmine soap from Yardley. 

Just outside our guest room is a mini fridge that I stocked with some mini sodas and bottled water. I wanted guests to feel welcome to these items; signs are great to signify that you really mean it when you say "help yourself to the fridge!"

You would not believe how thrilled guests were that I included this coffee maker in the room! I don't drink coffee (I love lattes!), so I wanted to get a coffee maker exclusively for the guest room. I purchased this HAMILTON BEACH on Amazon, along with a Starbucks variety pack of K-CUPS. I wanted to find something that took K-Cups so that guests could make single serving cups and I could easily provide different types of coffee for them. This machine has so far perfectly suited their needs! Providing bottled water and coffee cups gives guests the opportunity to make a cup at any hour, without feeling they're bothering you. 

The shelves feature some of our favorite photos we took in Seattle. I chose a variety of photos so that if you haven't been to the city before, you would have a little taste of everything - the city, the water, the mountains, the skyline, the sites, and the market. I also tossed in some games for an extra fun touch, and some books for any book lovers. 

Thanks for taking the guest room tour! I hope you found something inspiring to use in your next project! If you'd like to come stay, we're now taking reservations! ; )

Questions or comments? Feel free to share them below! 

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