I wasn't sure what to expect when we were planning our trip to Annapolis. All I knew was that it was a historic town and home to the Navy. We only had time to explore for one evening, but wish we could have stayed longer...

Downtown was a mix of locals and tourists, who seemed to co-exist marvelously. Stroll down Main street and it won't be long before you see Navy uniforms, kids with ice cream cones, friendly dogs on walks, vibrant buildings, American flags, and sailboats gathering at the harbor. The downtown is lined with unique shops and restaurants, and the smells coming from the bakeries are to die for! Nearly every restaurant boasts delicious Maryland crab, among other delightful seafood faire. Annapolis feels like a little slice of heaven in hometown America. Its culture and history are not quite like any other town. If you visit, you'll want to stay a while, maybe infinity. : ) 

Annapolis, MD
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