Nearly everyone I run into has asked about my transition from closing my studio and moving into my home office. To which my response is always: IT'S WONDERFUL! It has brought so many positive changes to both my business and my personal life. More to come on my transition {VERY} soon!

First, here's the BEFORE photos. I actually forgot to take photos of the space before I moved most everything out to paint, oops!  

And without further ado, here is my NEW workspace! It's original purpose was a sunroom, so you'll see lots of happy plants. I couldn't kick them out; we're co-existing fabulously. : ) You'll also see lots of Dexter; I swear I don't have pockets lined with treats! He's just a little bit of a stage 5 clinger. : ) 

My office remodel included many new additions: the silver curtains & rods, urban outfitter rug, thin-line frames, L-shaped desk, Ikea side table & chair, ceiling fan, and a few thrift store finds. The walls switched from a beige to a soft grey, in keeping with my muted color palette of whites, grey/silver, black, and beige. 

Under the table on the left, I stow away my camera bags. My gear is stored snug inside those bags. On the table and in the shelves to the right, I keep various product samples. 

It's hard to say who is more attached to who...

My shelves are still in the process of being filled. So far, they hold all of my packaging, boxes, bags, and envelopes for wrapping up clients' orders. I also store product samples, prints, swatches, USB's, and easels. Dexter and my records have found a home here too!

Behold, one of my TJ Maxx finds (whoop whoop). This perfectly stores my lens cloths, batteries, memory cards, chargers, and even some lenses! It's sitting on my open shelves for easy grab-and-go before a shoot. 

So your office might not need a record player, but it sure makes work much more fun. : ) Some of my favorite editing tunes: Miles Davis, Lana Del Ray, Alt-J, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and Jim Croce. 

All of these photos you're seeing were taken by Nessa K Photography while my boyfriend and I were in Washington DC to shoot an engagement session. We like to mix business with pleasure pretty much every trip we take. : )

Ahhhh, the clouds parted and the angels were singing when this desk arrived! :D It fits perfectly in my small space, has more than enough room for all of my items, and it's white! 

I just purchased the newest macbook pro, and added a few upgrades to it. It's soooo marvelous! I regret not switching from my 2011 macbook sooner because of how much time I'm saving. If your computer can't keep up with you, it's time for an upgrade!

I also upgraded all of my software (Lighroom, Photoshop, and Bridge). That has improved my workflow time too. Do you dual monitor it? I highly recommend this setup if not. I typically edit on my monitor and run various work tasks on my laptop. (or in this case, I pin) 

The 2 Santa Clauses is my ALL time favorite print of my love love! We took it while putting up our Christmas tree, which is one of my favorite traditions. 

This is a timer that I recently purchased to help me keep on track with time management. Between the blog, emails, social media, editing, client requests, ordering, design, education, and some other business ventures on my horizon, it's hard to keep everything moving forward uniformly. I am a completist, so I don't like to quit a task before it's finished. But I'm trying to learn how to segment my day and know that I can come back to that task to complete it tomorrow. This timer helps remind me that it's time for the next item on my to-do list!

For those of you who are nosey, here's a peek inside my drawers! : ) 

Within arms reach, I store my printer, paper, external hard drive, SD card reader, and other misc. office supplies. I love that instead of having a solid desk "wall" here, I have 2 shelves to store the essentials! 

Here's a peek inside my second drawer. It's full of my packaging cards: thank you's, product menus, print releases, stickers, care cards, etc.

Hello crafting cart! I love this little guy, especially for crafting projects or planning a party. It's full of my craft and art supplies. Plus it rolls around, which is great for our hard wood floors, to take my project-making to another area of the house. 

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