My 11 year old daughter fell in love with coffee before I did...I'm not sure how that happened but it's true. This year we had an exceptionally long winter and I turned to coffee to warm my mornings. I found my coffee sweet spot in a latte, and she jumped on the latte craze with me. So we purchased this machine for home because our Starbucks trips were getting slightly out of control. I have to say that it has made my mornings quite delightful! I love that my first real cup coffee, on my first real coffee machine I've ever owned, was enjoyed with her. She eagerly watched the espresso drip and the milk froth, and together we shared a moment that was extra sweet. Here's my own ray of sunshine, enjoying our first homemade latte. I predict many girl talks over lattes, to come. : )

<<<UPDATE>>> I originally paid $45 for this machine on Amazon. I see the price has jumped up quite a bit, so do some shopping around for the best deal!

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