I prefer a relaxed and simple table setting when I host, and I love incorporating seasonal and earthy elements into my table decor. This was somewhat of an impromptu gathering and everything was purchased (or gathered up) a few hours before lunch - so no hard labor or expensive purchases involved. In all, I spent $27 to get this table ready for my guests. It thrills me to create a welcoming environment, without splurging! 

I have neutral table settings, serving ware, and decor on hand that can be adapted to any type of celebration. I hunt for votives, jars, and vases whenever on a thrift store spree; I love using different looking pieces together! I purchased a piece of burlap for my runner for $2.00.  The eggs were not boiled since I didn't have the time. I chose brown eggs in keeping with the "farm to table" look I was going for. I was ecstatic to find the purple flowers already potted in the birch-like pot at my local grocer; this felt like a steal at $12.99 because it so perfectly fit my theme!  I placed (store bought) moss in various votives to add bright color to my centerpiece and continue bringing spring to my table. I wanted to "Easter" it up, and what says Easter more than a chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs?! Thankfully, I found a classic looking chocolate rabbit, rather than the cutesy-looking modern ones. 

My menu was as relaxed and cozy as my table. We feasted on a personal favorite of mine: panko chicken over spring mix, garnished with lemon and avocado. Our sides were cheddar garlic biscuits and bacon potato salad .... YUM!! It's important to me to serve items I've made a few times because making a dish for the first time when hosting always stresses me out! I recommend sticking to this rule for anyone new to hosting, or trying to de-stress their hosting routine. If this post inspires something for your Easter table, I would love to know about it! Happy Spring and Happy Easter! xo

Get the recipe for panko chicken HERE!

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