DIY PAINTED FAVORS | Painting Party Post 04

The second I saw these mini canvas and easel sets at my local craft store, I was obsessed and I knew I had to fit them into my daughter's painting party.  I created "mini masterpiece" party favors for the adults and they all loved choosing a canvas to take home. I have to admit that I put off painting these because I thought they would be pretty time consuming. But once I got into them, it took me under an hour to complete a set of eight. You don't have to be a painter (I'm no painter!) to whip up a collection of artwork. I recommend working with watercolor; let the water move the paint around for you and you'll have a whimsy art piece with little effort. 

Painted Favor Tips
01) Repeat Simple Patterns Dots, Stripes, Circles, and Brush Strokes. If you look at my canvas, you can see how I repeated these patterns but still made them look different by using different color palettes.

02) Use Complimentary Colors Speaking of color palettes, get out your color wheel (I mean google one) and find complimentary colors to use together. I used about 3-4 complimentary colors for each canvas. 

03) Variation Simple differences can make them all look unique and give the feel of a wide variety for your guests to choose from. I purchased 2 different canvas sizes, one rectangle set and one square. I also placed some of the rectangle canvas vertically and some horizontally on their easels. 

04) Make them Shine! I finished mine off with a bit of gold craft paint to add some extra sparkle! If you want, sprinkle on some glitter or paint on some silver paint instead. 

Buy your own mini canvas and easels here: 
Mini Canvas Set
Mini Easel Set

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