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I said good-bye to my studio space earlier this year and officially made my home office my full-time workspace. In the words of Scooby Doo, working from home is "groovy!" If you work from home then you know the feeling, but you probably relate to my struggle of sticking to normal hours.

For the first year of business, working 14 hour days to stay afloat is exciting! But three years into the business, I find myself yearning for balance. It's near torture closing the computer at 5:00 when I just need a little more time to finish that project... But this is my year for finding that balance, and practicing business hours. I need dinner time with my family; I need my Friday nights to catch up with friends; I need to do absolutely nothing on Sundays but watch HBO and catch up on the laundry pile! I have to unplug. When I close those office doors, I'll say goodbye to work and hello to home.

Renovating my office is the first step I'm taking to solidify a working area that cues me when it's time to work, and when leaving that it's time to live. Making my own workspace feel different from the rest of our home is an important way for me personally to separate the two. I've included my inspiration board for my new office! I will be posting before/after photos and my renovation progress soon.  I will also be sharing more steps I'm taking to find balance and maximize productivity. It's happy hour here, I'm officially unplugging and enjoying my (renovation) weekend! Cheers, xo

UPDATE >>> See how my office remodel turned out >>> HERE!

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