Like much of the country this winter, we've been buried in snow! It's been too cold to get out and enjoy it, but we finally had a "warm" 20 degree day. Of course, the most important item to bring on any sledding adventure is the CAMERA! Many of my favorite family pictures have come from our sledding days. The kids seem to have permanent smiles for the entire afternoon. This trip we brought our puppy, Random, and he raced the sleds all the way down each time. There are some complaints that I photograph more than I'm on a sled, but then we wouldn't have these little gems. : )

If you're covered in snow like us, put that snow to use and you could finally get some photos of your kids SMILING  instead of frowning! The trick is to not get run over, otherwise it's hard to get a photo you won't fall in love with. xo 

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