DIY WATERCOLOR INVITES | Painting Party Post 02

Look at these lovely watercolor invitations my daughter and I made for her painting party! They were each uniquely made for our guests, and took about 1.5 hours to make in total. I found everything I needed from my local craft store. 

Watercolor Artisan Tiles (If you can't find pre-cut tiles, then purchase a pad of watercolor paper and cut yourself)
Assortment of watercolor paints, brushes, cloth, water
Glue Dots
Assortment of Card stock cut into squares 1.5"-2" thicker than your watercolor tiles
Calligraphy Pen

While painting the border of your tiles, make sure your brush is always wet and let the water move the paint around. Don't be afraid to play around with different techniques! Use your cloth or a sponge to blot the paint to give a more pastel and washed-out look. Dress up your envelopes with watercolor too; I painted the return address area. Make sure to let the paper and envelopes dry before attaching to the card stock and writing on them - don't worry watercolor dries pretty quickly! 

I purchased the stamps from They were about $20 for a sheet of 20. I won't be making a habit of paying double for my stamps, but they were fun to use for our small event. They took approximately a week to get here from the West coast, so plan and order ahead if you're not located there. Also, Zazzle runs sales all the time, so sign up for their emails and purchase when you catch a good sale! 

You can make your own here Zazzle Custom Stamps. More to come from our party planning soon, xo. 

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