Chapter One. I haven't decided exactly what I'll say here on my big, blank blog. It feels like an empty museum, like writing the first page of a book. I can't put my finger on what precisely I want from starting a blog; it's probably a combination of many things. In part, I want a journal. I want to remember the feeling of this moment right now and every day forward. I also want a formal place to share my thoughts, in hopes that they make sense to somebody other than myself. The internet is a place to connect, to learn, and to get inspired. I'd like to add something to that, however minimal it might be. I hope I can find the courage to become an open {blog} book, because my most favorite posts written are the ones I relate to. They somehow make me feel not so hard on myself, or cheer me on, or make me stop and be grateful.

Some say the blog has run it's course, but I'm still nostalgic about them. No writing is in vein, not when it's honest. And so here's my honesty: I don't want this blog to be about photos of my clients. I love my clients, all of them. But I have a place for sharing their photos on my website portfolio and Facebook page. I don't want my blog to feel without meaning. I don't want to be serious all the time, but I do want the freedom to be sometimes. I keep trying to pinpoint just one or a few things that I'll be writing about here - but every time I do I feel boxed in. I want to explore what it can be before it's defined. For now it will be whatever I feel will benefit myself and you, equally. I hope you'll learn at least one thing, be inspired by a few things, and you'll come back to visit at least once in a while. xo

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