I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy now and it's the little things that really make your moments happy when you're pregnant. It takes a little more to keep me thriving day-to-day, but here are my 9 must-haves...

1 ) STARBUCKS TUMBLER I have always been a camel when it comes to water consumption, but I feel like my thirst can't be quenched now! I love this tumbler so much. I take it everywhere and it's always on my desk while I'm working. It keeps my water cooler, longer, and it holds a ton of it! 

2 ) MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY BLACK LEGGINGS I have tried all sorts of legging brands, during pregnancy and not. These are by far the most comfy and best fitting, and I plan to wear them long after June is here! These have now become my special "going out of the house pants," slide these on with a big, chunky sweater and you're ready to go! 

3 ) BEAUTY ROUTINE - SIMPLIFIED I've traded in my going-out-for-margaritta-nights, for movies and early bedtime. Soooo I've gotten a little lazier with my "beauty routine." I stay moisturized with facial lotion and chapstick. My shampoo of choice has been dry shampoo, and a hair clip is the extend of my styling for the day. 

4 ) SHERPA BODY PILLOW I have 2! One for each side so that when I need to be flipped, there's one waiting for me while the other one cuddles my back. I started out with the expensive maternity pillow and HATED it! This version works so much better for me; I'm thrilled I traded it in. 

5 ) SLIP-ON, COMFY SHOES Your feet will swell, your belly will battle you while you put on shoes, and you're pregnant - so it's that one time in your life you can wear whatever the heck you want and no one judges. : ) I think my daily shoes are actually slippers, but ask me if I care right now : ) PS: I got mine at TJ for half the price; check there first! 

6 ) COOKIE IN A CUP Maybe it isn't a good thing I discovered this? June disagrees : ) I have a total sweet tooth this trimester and I need a cookie fix before bed every now and then. 

7 ) ON-THE-GO-SNACKS I go from satisfied to starving at any moment of the day. I hate being ravenous because I end up eating whatever I can get my hands on first. So to have snacks I can take with me or eat at my desk is awesome! I love Graze's dried fruit, YUMMMMMM

8 ) HOT/COLD BEAD PACK I am in LOVE with this and will continue to use it long after pregnancy. It is meant for your back, but I warm it up in the microwave for 1 minute, and put it on whatever body part hurts at the end of the day. The other morning I woke up with the worst charlie horse of my life - honestly - and my calf was so tense for the next few days. This was amazing to use whenever I could get my feet up to soothe my sore calf. You should have gotten one of these yesterday. 

9 ) AVEDA FOOT RELIEF This smells like mint and feels tingly and amazing. I have yet to get a foot massage with it, but that's on my request list - maybe this weekend! I wonder if I could train him to give me a pedicure while he's at it?? : ) 

Happy Pregnancy to you! What are your can't-live-without items? I want to hear!! : )

Jennifer Lee Lifestyle Blogger