I had the pleasure of hosting my very first Thanksgiving last year. If you couldn't tell already, I love anything and everything to do with hosting. Before planning the menu, of course I had to plan my table! I wanted to inexpensively dress it up for the occasion, and save my pennies for all that delicious food I'd be serving. : ) I was inspired to repurpose items I already had on hand and to use natural, rustic items that are a sign of the changing season. My color palette included white, gold, autumn tones, and hints of green.

First, I turned my Halloween pumpkins & gourds into metallic gold masterpieces. Using a can of gold spray paint, I gathered everything outside to be painted. Even my pumpkins that were looking rather sad looked brand new with a coat of paint!

Next, I had the kids go into our backyard and pick out "pretty leaves" of different shapes and sizes, and we painted those gold too. Once those dried, I framed them with the gold frames I had used at Halloween. You can see that post HERE. 

While the kids were outside, we also hunted for anything rustic looking that I could use for my table. We were surprised to find so many free "decorations" right in our backyard! We brought in pinecones, twigs, weeds, and dandelions and arranged them on the table, in jars, and baskets.

From my local craft store, I purchased the following: ribbon to accent decor pieces, white circular tags and twine for the place tags, and card stock for my Thanksgiving banner (plus the twine already purchased). I also purchased a few of the nature items you see in vases and jars on my table centerpiece. 

I took a photo of my drink table before all of the drinks were out, but you can still see how to set one up. We also had a table just for appetizers in the kitchen, so everyone can help themselves to drinks and snacks while you're finishing up the main course. 

And at the end of this post you'll see my favorite part of our decor, our Thankful Board. This was really simple; we hung a sheet of black posterboard in the kitchen and family used a white gel pen to write on it. I was so surprised to see everyone fighting over the pen after I put it up! We all wrote down things we were thankful for, including all of the names of our guests who would be joining us. Guests were encouraged to write on their tags where they sat so everyone could be reminded what the holiday is all about. 

 If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me below. I'd love to hear from you! Happy Thanksgiving...Gobble Gobble!!