Are photo booths overdone? I don't know...possibly. But it's hard not to love the images they create, especially with your children. I don't know about you, but I haven't had an easy time capturing a real smile since mine were about five! Not to mention, my 11 year old normally won't stand within one foot of her cootie-ridden brother, unless it's to smack him. So, the photo booth is here to stay in my family. If you have a similar love for the spontaneous photo booth, here's some inspiration for your next one!

White polyester fabric remnant (from your local craft store, polyester will wrinkle less)
Black bat cut-outs (these are by Martha Stewart and were at my local craft store)
Glue Dots (from your local craft store)
Tiny Nails
Thin wooden dowels (from your local craft store)
Black, white, and orange card stock (from your local craft store)
Black, silver, white, and orange acrylic paints (from your local craft store)
Hot Glue Gun
A Pencil
A Camera!

I used tiny nails to hang my white polyester fabric on the wall and create a backdrop. Using glue dots, I adhered the bats onto the corners of the fabric. 

I hand drew my shapes on the back of the card stock with a pencil. If you don't feel like your illustration skills will be up to par, draw simple shapes like a circle with a tail for the speech bubbles, an orange circle for a pumpkin, and a white oval for the ghost, etc. It's not about how perfect your props look, it's about the expressions they'll create in your photos! 

Once your shapes are cut out, you can leave them blank and continue onto glueing them to sticks, OR you can fancy them up with some paint and glitter. Use the paint to write on your speech bubbles, and add interest to your other shapes. You can be really creative here or keep them simple! To add some extra glam, sprinkle the painted parts with glitter before it dries, and then shake off the excess. 

Acrylic paint dries really fast, so you should be ready to glue on the dowels within about 10 minutes. Put the dowels on varying sides of the back of your props so that people can stand next to each other with left and right sided dowels. Hot glue also dries quickly, so your props will be ready shortly after this step is complete! 

Now you're ready for picture-time! The best time to take photos is during the day, near a good amount of window light coming in. Open up curtains, doors, and move objects that create shadows or highlights. I shot mine early in the morning before we had much light, so it wasn't ideal but the only time frame I had to work with. If you're going to have an evening bash, make sure to think about the lighting and using a flash if needed. The best part about this is there's no real instruction needed for your subjects. The props will guide their expressions and you'll be sure to get some fun and cherished photos. Happy Shooting! : ) 

If this post inspires your photo booth, I would love to see some of your photos! Post them to my FACEBOOK PAGE HERE, or comment below and tell me about it!